Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Wheaton Metro robbery suspects still at large (Photos)

WMATA is downplaying a violent robbery aboard a Metro Red Line train nearing the Wheaton station Sunday afternoon, referring to it merely as a "strong-arm robbery." But these robbery suspects allegedly did more than twist arms.

In reality, around 5:40 PM Sunday, the alleged robbers didn't simply threaten violence or twist the victim's arm. Instead, the four suspects approached a man, and one sat down next to him and demanded the victim's phone. When the victim declined to cooperate, he was savagely beaten with fists.

"Give me that damn phone!!" one said as they beat the man, and also picked his pockets. The four assailants ran off the train at the Wheaton station, and remain at large. Their victim was hospitalized. These attacks happen frequently in the District, but not very often in Montgomery County, making this something that needs to be nipped in the bud. 

Don't expect our low-energy County Council to do anything about it; they have yet to comment on any of the gang-related shootings in Wheaton over the last three years.

If you can identify any of these four suspects, Metro Transit Police would like to talk to you. Call them at 301-955-5000, or text MyMTPD, and reference case number #2017-07929.


  1. chill out there bobby! the phone was needed so that they could call mama and let her know that they would be late for church group on easter. just a call. who would deny such a request...

  2. Holy smokes the security cameras on the new 7000 series trains rock.

    You know "strong-arm robbery" isn't about twisting arms, right, Robert? WMATA isn't downplaying the crime...what you described is the literal definition of strong-arm robbery. And trying to tie this to the county council is pretty sad, even for you.

    1. I'm talking about the public perception. It sounds a lot better to say strong arm robbery than assault. This was a beatdown. There's no press release from WMATA about it, so, yeah, they are definitely downplaying a major threat to the safety of their riders.

      Yes, the Council is involved - they have been silent on gang shootings for years. I guess they remember the old Communist slogan, "The criminal is your friend." Of course, the Council is mostly made up of criminals, so they probably have an affinity for these fellas.

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  4. I feel safe riding Metro regularly, so I'm shocked to read this. Hopefully these folks are arrested soon.

  5. Metro PD reported all 4 robbers have been identified. https://twitter.com/MetroTransitPD/status/854393144003244032