Monday, September 11, 2017

Bodies found in Wheaton Regional Park, Long Branch Stream Valley Park raise specter of MS-13...again

Montgomery County police responded to a report of a deceased person discovered in Wheaton Regional Park last Tuesday, September 5, but did not reveal the discovery until this weekend. Detectives say the body found was that of an adult male, but are so far withholding all other details as the investigation continues.

The case was made even more troubling by the discovery around the same time of the body of Cristopher Alfredo Funes Guerra, 20, in Long Branch Stream Valley Park. Previous MS-13 gang killings have frequently either taken place in parks, or the victims' bodies have been found in parks. This raises the possibility of yet another wave of violence by the organization with the charming motto of "Kill. Rape. Control," that has been given safe haven by the Montgomery County Council.


  1. "that has been given safe haven by the Montgomery County Council."

    Dumb, Dyer.

    1. 12:38: Are you denying the Council has given sanctuary to MS-13? It is they who are "dumb" for doing so.

    2. I agree with the poster above. Saying that MS13 has been given safe haven is misleading,ill-informed, and inflammatory.

    3. 12:02: It might be, if the MS-13 capos in San Salvador themselves hadn't cited the County Council's sanctuary policy and large number of juveniles and work-seeking adults in MoCo they told their minions were ripe for recruiting into the gang - - as they announced they had chosen MoCo as the site where they will face off in a turf war against their new rival gang.

      Pretty bad when your elected officials harbor people who have the motto, "Kill. Rape. Control."

  2. Have police given any indication that they believe the Wheaton body has anything to do with MS-13? Could be, but you are definitely jumping to conclusions with zero evidence at this point. What leads you to believe these murders (if in fact the Wheaton one is even a murder) are linked? And if they aren't, why are you linking them, and linking the Wheaton body to MS-13? Shoddy "reporting"

  3. Yeah there have been a lot of shootings in Prince William County in the last few years but the violence still doesn't seem to have yet surpassed or reached levels of other populous areas in the region.