Monday, September 4, 2017

Rape at Silver Spring hotel, strong-arm robbery and armed robbery in Aspen Hill, armed robbery in Wheaton

A "strong-arm" rape was reported to Montgomery County police on September 2 at 10:08 PM, at a hotel on Colesville Road in the 20910 zip code of Silver Spring (note: new, inferior County crime data no longer gives the block number for the location of a crime incident).

On the same day, at 8:45 AM, a victim was robbed at gunpoint in the street on Weeping Willow Court in Aspen Hill. The night before, at 11:11 PM, another person was the victim of a strong-arm robbery in a church parking lot on Aspen Hill Road. Minutes later, at 11:33 PM, an unspecified business on Veirs Mill Road in Wheaton was robbed at gunpoint.

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  1. Headline: "strong-arm robbery"

    Article: "A 'strong-arm' rape was reported"


    Which was it, Dyer?