Thursday, September 14, 2017

Three new tenants sign on at Ellsworth Place in Silver Spring (Photos)

Three new retailers are coming soon to Ellsworth Place mall in downtown Silver Spring. Kids For Less is said to be opening this month, but there isn't much sign of life inside the space so far. Also on the way are Tg Jewelers and Twins Fashion.

There also some construction work going on in the center of the mall, which has already undergone a major renovation.


  1. oooh twins fashion INTERNATIONAL, sounds much more chic than the domestic twins fare. That mall just cannot attract any retail beyond the entry level stuff. It certainly looks better than before but the retail mix sucks.

  2. Why was the comment explaining what the construction is likely related to (Bump n Grind's new kiosk) removed? Actual, useful information isn't allowed on this blog, or something?

  3. The last three photos are nearly identical - showing an area of torn-up subflooring - what was your purpose in including all three of them?