Thursday, September 14, 2017

Body of missing Olney teacher found, boyfriend charged with murder

Montgomery County police located the body of missing Olney resident Laura Wallen in a wooded area of Damascus near Prices Distillery Road around noon Wednesday. With the pregnant Wilde Lake High School teacher now confirmed dead at the age of 31, her boyfriend Tyler Tessier of Damascus has been charged with killing her.

Tessier, uncomfortable and sweating, had made an emotional plea for Wallen's return at a press conference just 48 hours earlier. It turns out police detectives had intentionally included him in the press conference to see what he might say, with the knowledge of Wallen's family, who held Tessier's hands during the media event.

Montgomery County Police Chief Tom Manger said detectives determined Tessier was the last person to be with Wallen before her disappearance ten days ago. Manger said it is believed Wallen was killed September 3, after last being seen with Tessier on a grocery store surveillance camera a day earlier.

Tessier sent Wallen's sister text messages on September 4, Manger said, but he did not divulge the content of those texts. Those texts were what launched the urgent search for Wallen last week.


  1. Were you disappointed that this wasn't MS-13?

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    1. Probably because Dyer loves assuming any crime yet unsolved has been committed by a Hispanic person. And he loves assuming said Hispanics are in MS-13. And he loves trying to blame MS-13's existence on the County Council.

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