Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Downtown Silver Spring Giant to add UPS Access Point lockers

Amazon may be challenging UPS as a logistics company, but UPS is fighting back. The venerable shipping giant is taking Amazon head-on in the hyperlocal "locker" business. Like Amazon Locker, UPS Access Point lockers will allow you to receive deliveries at a location near your home. Downtown Silver Spring will be one of the first UPS Access Points in Montgomery County, with a location now planned for the Giant store at 1280 East-West Highway.

Customers will track their packages as they normally would online, or via the UPS app. When the package arrives, they can open their designated locker using their government-issued ID, or a code sent via their cellphone. Amazon took a similar approach, placing Amazon Locker in grocery stores, and other high-traffic neighborhood retail stores.

1 comment:

  1. amazon owns whole foods so ups putting lockers in at giant is smart.

    also, any word on where the silver spring post office will move to since the 16th street plaza/mall is being torn down for the purple streetcars?