Thursday, October 26, 2017

Olney chosen by Hogan as test site for "smart" traffic signals

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan announced a new Smart Signal Corridor program on Wednesday, designed to improve traffic flow. The signals will adjust to congestion and other factors in real time. One location was chosen in each county (although some counties - such as Charles - got more than one, where this could really help move traffic along Route 301), and Olney - where traffic congestion is a plague upon residents - was designated as the winner in Montgomery County.

The signals will be placed along MD 108 between MD 182 and Volunteer Drive. A pilot study in Harford County showed a travel time improvement of 13 minutes after installation of the Smart Signal technology.

“Last month, our administration introduced a bold Traffic Relief Plan beginning with three massive, unprecedented projects to widen the Capital Beltway, I-270, and the Baltimore-Washington Parkway,” Governor Hogan said yesterday. “This next phase will employ the newest technology to further ease congestion in Maryland. By replacing 20-year-old existing controls with Smart Traffic Signals, we will have the ability to respond to changes in traffic flow, as well as traffic conditions immediately – benefiting nearly 700,000 Maryland citizens across the state.”


  1. "Attaboy, Larry!" says Robert Dyer.

    1. You prefer being stuck in traffic? Don't run for office on that platform!

    2. Too bad Hogan's plans for 270/495 aren't going to reduce traffic one bit.

  2. Good for him, at least try it out, better than do nothing.