Thursday, June 27, 2019

First residents move into Solaire 8250 Georgia Avenue in Silver Spring

Washington Property Company's Solaire 8250 Georgia Avenue apartment tower has opened in downtown Silver Spring. The first residents have begun moving in, although only a portion of the units are completed inside. Interior construction will continue over the coming months.

On a side note, I noticed my May 31 report breaking the news of the signing of their first retail tenant is now being hidden by Google, depending upon the search terms used. Just as it's possible to buy Google AdWords to raise your website in search results, I'm convinced it's equally possible to under-the-table pay Google to suppress commercial or political rivals. We caught the cartel red-handed again, folks! #Oops


  1. One of the best locations to live in the county.

    1. So long as you aren't facing the line of clubs/lounges/rooftop bars along Georgia.