Friday, March 4, 2016

Artist chosen for Wheaton Town Square redevelopment project

Rendering of the future
Wheaton Town Square
Developer StonebridgeCarras and the Arts and Humanities Council of Montgomery County have selected the master artist for the Wheaton Town Square project, which will include the town square public event space, a County office building, and a below-grade parking garage. Delivery of the public-private partnership development is expected in 2019. It will be constructed partially on the site of Public Parking Lot 13 in the Wheaton Triangle, and connect to the Wheaton Metro station.

The artist will be the award-winning Norie Sato, who has done projects for San Diego International Airport and Iowa State University, to name a few.

Sato's work will be featured in the town square area, which will also have pedestrian spaces, a water feature, an amphitheatre for concerts and events, and a stage. A critical aspect of the art plan is that Sato will draw on the resources of the local art community here.

Wheaton’s Regional Services Center Director Luisa Montero-Diaz predicts the final work will reflect the existing "authenticity and vibrancy" of the Wheaton community. "StonebridgeCarras is excited about the selection of Norie Sato as the Artist for the Wheaton redevelopment," said Jane Galbraith Mahaffie of StonebridgeCarras. "We look forward to working with Norie as the art is realized and enhances this important civic project."

The County government has expressed hope that the development will jumpstart further real estate activity in Wheaton's commercial district. Local businesses who rely on Public Parking Lot 13 are bracing for the temporary parking shortage for their customers, until the new garage opens.


  1. Needed redevelopment. I hope the new are does not focus on ethnic differences, but rather be a true work of art.

  2. What happened to Matthew Mazzota?

  3. Matthew Mazzotta's project proposal is being considered for other parts of Wheaton's redevelopment. Significant funds will need to be raised and community input will be gathered prior to the approval of any further public art, such as Matthew's proposal, in the Wheaton A&E District.