Tuesday, March 22, 2016

First worksession on Greater Lyttonsville sector plan March 24

The Montgomery County Planning Board will hold its first worksession on the Greater Lyttonsville sector plan this Thursday, March 24. It is currently scheduled to begin at 6:00 PM.

Concerns have been raised about the proposed increases in density, and potential loss of valuable industrial land and the services it provides to the larger community.

One important thing to know if you are a resident, business-owner or landowner: Attendees at the worksession may speak at discretion of the Chairman. It may be helpful to email Chair Casey Anderson by Wednesday to state which issue(s) you would like to address the Board on.

Anderson instituted this policy during the Westbard sector plan process, but did not publicly announce it until the worksessions were over! I mention this so that Lyttonsville-area residents aren't similarly ripped off in the process.

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