Monday, April 18, 2016

Wheaton construction update: AMC Theatres/Bar Louie/Olive Garden (Photos)

I stopped by the construction site of the new structure that will house the AMC Wheaton 9 cineplex, Bar Louie, and Olive Garden at Wheaton Plaza. It's not finished yet, but already looks quite impressive. Very modern, but also some throwback art deco touches, and a reminder of Wheaton Plaza's early days as an outdoor mall.

For a preview of what the finished building will look like, check out the renderings I posted a few months ago.

This is the front of the
cineplex itself


  1. Great update. Than you!

  2. bar louie s u c k s!

  3. I work at Costco and have been watching this come together. I went to the Plaza a lot in the '90s and attended both theatres they had then. What fascinates me is how they cut through the strip mall and have the stairs going down the back to the actual theatre, should be interesting. I wonder how the parking will work, and how it will coexist with JCPenny, the Sears outlet, the smaller parking in front of the actual theatre, etc. With the Tilted Kilt, it'd be interesting to see if they could connect everything better, delineate some walking paths that could make that whole area more walkable.