Monday, November 14, 2016

Christmas tree, Wall of Positivi-tree in downtown Silver Spring (Video+photos)

The Christmas tree is fully decorated and animated at Downtown Silver Spring, and a couple of displays new for this year are also up. A theme of "protection, safety and inclusion" is being manifested by a diverse display of umbrellas. That umbrella theme carries over to the tree topper, which spins. The developer of the property says it is positioning it as a place where the public can gather and "feel safe, snug and sound" during the holidays.

Meanwhile, patrons and guests are being encouraged to post messages on a Wall of Positivi-tree. So many have done so, however, that the individual messages are mostly impossible to decipher.

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  1. looks like they wash the board off daily so new people can put down their messages. It was mostly full this evening, but all legible.