Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Silver Spring construction update: LebTav (Photos)

Here's a look at the progress inside of LebTav at 8535 Fenton Street in downtown Silver Spring. The chain is recalibrating to survive the moribund Montgomery County economy, and what the Restaurant Association of Maryland has described as "flat growth" of the County's dining sector compared to surrounding jurisdictions. So this will be a downsized experience from the old Lebanese Taverna menu and room size.

LebTav will have its liquor license transfer hearing on July 18, giving us some sense of just how soon they may open here. You may remember this space was previously Taylor Gourmet.


  1. I didn't know that the Annapolis Lebanese Taverna was a victim of the MoCoCartel, too.

  2. Can you go one day without saying ‘moribund’? Can you use that very stable like really smart brain of yours to figure out a synonym?

    You use the word so much and apply it to just about everything it has lost its effect and just sounds as if you have some flat affect and have zero clue how you come off to others.

    1. 2:10: I don't use it any more than the Post and GGW use "missing middle" and "exclusionary zoning."

      Repetition is key to messaging. That's how my "moribund" analysis eventually reshaped the debate, with the Post, Washington Business Journal, and Sage Policy Group among those to now join me in calling MoCo's economy "moribund."